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Use this free app to quickly visualize a comprehensive map of your support network. Easily update notes, add contact details, identify gaps in care, and track changes over time.

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Say goodbye to scattered paper and notes buried across patient portals. It’s your health and your story. Whether at home or on the go, Innerhive is at your fingertips.

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Discover the power of sharing what truly matters. Advocate for your family's wellness and health needs, while keeping your team engaged, informed, and aligned.

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"Coordinating care has been a full-time job. Having a clear picture of our child’s care allows me to focus on what truly matters- spending time on our family."

Kim Rae

Parent and Advocate

"This is what families need: a way for their care teams to walk alongside them."

Kristy Trask

RN Care Manager, UVM

“Innerhive can bring all the puzzle pieces together. When everyone is on the same page, our child receives more focused and coordinated care. This puts us in the driver’s seat!”

Beth Bemis

Parent and Advocate

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What is Innerhive?
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Innerhive is passionate about revolutionizing the way families navigate the complexities of care. With years of hands-on experience and a personal understanding of the challenges families face, our team shares a vision: to create a comprehensive and intuitive solution that simplifies care management and supports families every step of the way.

We truly understand the immense effort, time, and emotion that goes into coordinating care for our loved ones. We have been in your shoes: juggling multiple care plans, appointments, and medications, often feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay organized. Innerhive represents the culmination of our shared passion, expertise, and dedication to solving complex problems. Along the way, we've learned that sometimes the simplest solutions can have the greatest impact.

Innerhive is reimagining care maps and empowering families nationwide. Join us on this journey. Together, we can amplify the voices of families like yours.

What are care maps?
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Care maps are powerful visual tools that provide a comprehensive overview of all the people and places involved in a patient’s care. Drawing from the use of eco-mapping in social work, this visualization grants a deeper understanding of the patient’s ecosystem, relationships, and routine experiences. By creating a visual representation of this network, families and care providers can more quickly identify gaps in support. Having a snapshot of this complex web also builds empathy, as others can see families’ circumstances and wellness needs in one place.

Why a care mapping tool?
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Innerhive is transforming care maps from messy, static, and disjointed paper documents into a streamlined, accessible, and user-friendly app. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of care for patients through the creation of versatile care maps that remain relevant as needs change.

Traditional care maps posed numerous challenges when it came to updates and effective sharing. Fortunately, Innerhive overcomes these obstacles with its array of features:

1. Say goodbye to the arduous task of hand-drawing your care map. With Innerhive, your map is automatically generated based on your responses, saving you time and effort.

2. Stay on top of changes and keep your care map up to date in real-time. Innerhive allows you to make updates seamlessly, ensuring that the information remains accurate and relevant as circumstances evolve.

3. Enjoy the convenience of accessing and sharing your care map with ease. Simply open Innerhive on your device to view and effortlessly share it with others.

4. Eliminate the fear of losing or misplacing your care maps and other important notes. With Innerhive, you can securely store and retrieve your map whenever needed, providing peace of mind.

What makes Innerhive unique?
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Innerhive’s mission is to ensure families receive the most well-rounded care possible. We achieve this by learning about your needs, then creating a comprehensive care map. This personalized care map becomes a powerful tool, enabling you to effectively communicate the full picture of your needs and circumstances. From school and classroom team members, to physical therapists and other specialists, Innerhive brings your entire ecosystem together in a single, easily accessible platform. Say goodbye to fragmented information, and gain control by having your entire support network at your fingertips!

How will Innerhive help me?
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Innerhive aims to save you valuable time by providing quick access to your care information. With Innerhive, you can easily view, share, and adjust your care map as changes arise. Gone are the days of repeatedly sharing the same details over and over again. If someone in your support network is out of the loop, you can effortlessly pass along your care map to quickly get them up to speed.

Innerhive emphasizes collaboration between patients and care teams, with the goal of improving engagement, health, and satisfaction along the way. Its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and understanding of the big picture, empowering you with organization and granting a clear overview of how your care is managed.

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